software for sharing /renting moorings

We are thrilled to share that our platform is revolutionizing the way short term boat parking is being managed! It is truly inspiring to see how marinas and berth renters can now offer easy and hassle-free parking options to yacht and boat owners. With just one simple click, boat owners can now find safe and secure parking spaces and marinas can generate extra revenue. This feature is just one example of how our platform is changing the game and making a positive impact on the boating industry. We are motivated to continue along this path of innovation and look forward to introducing more game-changing features in the future.


  • Modern digital booking platform that minimizes administration efforts
  • Transparency about absences of berth permanent renters
  • No investment required


  • Mooring owner can rent /share when they are not using it
  • can configure price plan based on need e.g. per day/weekly pass etc.
  • Get additional revenue.


  • Easy finding & booking in the map view 
  • Online payment and receipt in the app
  • Digital check-in by scanning QR code 
Advance Digital Metrics

Visualize equipment use and availability

Effortlessly check mooring/berth availability with visualizations, saving you time and offering clarity and confidence. Make informed decisions with actionable insights provided by us.

Mooring auditing

Great news! You can easily access the complete history of the mooring/berth, including reviews. Always encourage your customer to write the review at the end of booking.

Mooring Analytics

As a marina owner, track rented mooring performance to measure success. See what's rented most and earned most to create KPIs. Use this data to decide what berths /spots to invest in and allocate resources for maximum profits. Leverage insights for a competitive edge and become a leader in the industry. Use data-driven insights to move your business towards success.

Manage waiver and protection

Marina / berth renters can create liability waivers/ rental contract in the platform and if it is enabled then they can not check-in until it is signed.

Marina /berth renter can enable following information

  • Verified ID : it means , captain will submit their details passport copy and platform will verify it.
  • Marina can request, boat/yachts boat documents and/or captain license.

Our aim is to create transparency and trustworthy community around your business. 

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