Boat tours, ferry services and charter services

Simplify boat experience

Our platform is ideal if you are offering any of the following services:

  • ferry service,
  • boat tours
  • boat charter services.

Simplify booking for your customers and provide a better experience, resulting in more revenue for your business.

Ferry Service

Offer one ticket , day pass and monthly pass to your customers and increase customer retention and loyality

Boat Tours

Boat tours e.g. sunset boat tours, whale /dolphin watching or fishing tours have been pretty popular.

Cabin Charter

Offer a boat rental with skipper. In this case, your boat will be in safe hands.

Advance Digital Metrics

Visualize performance

Effortlessly check tour popularity and availability with visualizations, saving you time and offering clarity and confidence. Make informed decisions with actionable insights provided by us.


Whether companies offer ferry services or boat tours, they can clearly view the supply and demand of a particular route. They can then scale up or down their operations based on the data they have collected.

Save Time At Check-In

Our operator app provides QR ticket scanning which allows for faster check-in times. With our app, you can easily manage your tours and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Your partner every step of the way

Welcome aboard! We are thrilled to be part of your journey from the very beginning. Whether it’s your first interaction with us until your first reservation and more reservations to come. Our team is here to provide you with exceptional assistance every step of the way. Your satisfaction and happiness are our top priority. You can rely on us to make your travel experiences seamless and stress-free, with our support and expertise. We can’t wait for you to explore all the amazing destinations out there, and we’re here to help make it happen. Let’s start this adventure together!

We take a consultative approach with every operator, empowering you to run your business in a way that works best for you. Let’s work together to make your business soar and achieve success on your own terms. Anything is possible with the right support and guidance. Count on us to be your biggest cheerleaders and most trusted advisors. Let’s make your business thrive!

We know that optimizing your online booking flow and running your operations smoothly can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way! From day one, our team of specialists will work with you hand in hand to make sure everything runs as seamlessly as possible. And don’t worry, if you ever need any assistance, our support team is available 24/7 to help you out. So let’s get started! Contact us today and let’s make your online booking experience the best it can be.

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