How to Start

A better platform means
better user experience

Follow the following steps in order to user the platform. 

Frekis App

Download Frekis App and create an account

Choose Subscription

Choose a suitable subscription based on your needs.


Menu->Onboarding, update the company information and connect your stripe account

Asset and Packages

Register digital locks if any , create rental packages once all steps are done then Click on "put into operation" , Congratz you are LIVE

Onboarding Call

Lets book a call and go through the following


How can ShareKayak help to achieve your goals ?

Digital Services

What type of features are needed?

Innovative Thinking

Incase of Self-serve concept (rentals or vending) , what type of digital locks are needed?

Lets walk through and configuration

Get in Touch

Onboarding walk through

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