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Increase Revenue and Reduce Expenses

Asset Analytics, management, QR payments and more 

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What Features You Will Get From Platform

Asset Management

demo14-check Asset Analytics

demo14-check Track Assets

demo14-check Geo-fencing including parking spots

demo14-check Asset history including pictures

demo14-check Business can refund security deposit by verifying pictures/video submitted by user.

*will release in Feb 2024

Payment Capabilities

demo14-check Invoicing using payment request feature

demo14-check Rental packages

demo14-check Weekly/monthly subscription

demo14-check Vending 

demo14-check Ticketing 

demo14-check QR Payments*

demo14-check On demand Service e.g coaching, yoga etc

Customer management

demo14-checkWaiver Form/Contract and Receipts

demo14-check Security deposit

demo14-check Verified ID*

demo14-check Coupon codes

demo14-check Pludda

demo14-check Reviews


Set Everything Up In Minutes & Enjoy Productivity Boost

On boarding or creating new rental package or tickets for an activity, it can be achieved with in few minutes 

Affordability for all types of  Business

A Seamless UI Experience

App is available in 35+Languages

How much can you save by switching to ShareKayak?

Extra Services

Smart waiver cost around 80 USD /month for 600 waivers per month.

ID verification costs around 5 USD/ verification. For 100 customers, it will cost 500 USD.

Normal online booking software costs between 30 USD /month

POS terminal costs around 20 USD/ per terminal /month

Self serve booking costs around 5 usd /asset per month and 10 assets, it will be around 50 usd.

Enterprise pay extra for accounting as payments are collected different sources

Cloud hosting 50 USD

Site maintenance around 50 USD

Basic social media marketing and google SEO  cost around 50 USD 

Monthly payment : On Average , Enterprise is spending around 800 USD /month 


Unlimited waivers are included


Verified ID will be released soon and business can enable rental only for verified ID without any extra cost.


Unlimited type of booking, ticketing included without any extra cost

Create unlimited QR code for accepting payments.

Add unlimited number of assets for self serve rentals.

Simplified accounting as all types of transaction are one place.



No need to buy extra hosting.

ShareKayak is responsible for maintenance and upgrade


List in SharekKayak marketplace, enterprise services will be promoted in all sharekayak channels based on customer feedback.


Monthly payment: Choose Partner plan or Operator based on your needs.

Utilize Your resources and time At Maximum Efficiency

Detailed Asset analytics is available which helps business to manage resources more efficiently 

Time optimization : Resources can be allocated based on time and availability of certain location. 

Data Driven Approach : With our cloud tech, business can view the revenue earning at resource level. Which helps them to make further investment based on data.

Our Pricing Plan

Great Price Plan For You!

Partner Plan

$9/Per Month

Ideal for Small Enterprise

 Includes all features

Extra Fees

  • 10 % / transaction as application fee
  •  Payment processing fee, enterprise must have stripe account 


Application fee will be reduced to 5% if business is earning more than 10,000 USD/month

Most Popular

Operator Plan

$75/Per Month

Ideal for Medium and Large Enterprise

 Includes all features

Extra Fees

5%/ transaction as application fees

Payment processing fee, enterprise must have stripe account.


Application fees will be reduced to 2% if business is earning more 10,000 USD/month 

Enterprise Plan

Build your own app using our cloud technology.

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